On Giving Things Names, Branding, and the Like

Linda and I have named quite a few things, from cafés to people. Linda named Kavarna after having seen a picture of a coffeehouse in Prague. Kavarna is, simply, the word for coffeehouse in Czech; we must seem pretty simplistic to native Czech speakers! It would be like traveling to the Ukraine and finding a … Continue reading On Giving Things Names, Branding, and the Like

One Way to Dine with Margaret Atwood (with Some Thoughts on Posses)

This is the story of sitting at two tables six months apart. The first was at my coffeehouse last October, where my friend Wendy and I decided to do something for readers and writers. The second was at a restaurant in April, where our board dined with Margaret Atwood at the end of a successful Book and Author Festival that drew thousands to Downtown Green Bay. It's lovely doing personal projects on your own, or working with your spouse, friend, child, mentor, or former grade school teacher. But at some point, you just might need a posse to take on bigger ideas. If you want to change your community, you can't do it alone.