A middle aged male realizes that he hasn’t written anything longer than a Facebook post in a long time, that his youthful cultural ambitions have been subsumed by the needs of his family and small business, that he’s played a part in making the culture more shallow by not expecting more of himself or others. Square Foot is somewhere between being an ongoing New Year’s Resolution and a mid-life crisis… His intention is to use this square foot of the internet to reflect, remember, and share. This is part of a program that he has devised for himself.

Alex Galt is a husband & father of two, the former owner of Kavarna Coffeehouse in Green Bay, Wis., a founder of UntitledTown—Green Bay’s Book and Author Festival, and serves on the boards of the Friends of the Brown County Library and Hands on Deck. He can be reached—and why do we feel more comfortable writing these things in third person?—at alex@starheartnautilus.com.