This page doesn't get much attention;
feel free to stay, you'll be left alone.
The walls are warm though, if you touch them.
They're thin in spots, things I want showing

This may be one of the least visited square feet of the internet. Since December 2016, we have had 226 visitors—probably an inflated number that includes bots, spiders, and me checking to make sure it’s all still intact. Quite a few of that number have been suspiciously Russian, if the analytics mean anything. If half of those 200 visitors were real and each in turn spent three minutes here, then I’ve reduced global productivity by 2.5 person hours per year. I guess I don’t need to feel guilty. If I was doing this to purely to generate an audience, or even worse, income, then I’d be an embarrassing failure. But I just want my own place on the internet, where I can set stuff down. Like I do just inside the door of my house. If anything, it suits me that hardly anyone’s paying attention. I’d probably feel more self-conscious if they were. And isn’t it interesting that we talk about attention as if it were currency?

But more will be happening here in 2019 than in the past. That’s because my life is changing and I’ll have attention burning a hole in my pocket. I’ve thrown out two sets of business cards in the past year and I’m not going to print anymore until I have a few things sorted out. Some of that will happen here. It feels like everyone I know is re-arranging some part of their life. Maybe we can do this together. But first, I’m off to Central America.

Endnote: *Yeah, I don’t know what made me slip into verse. WordPress has a verse mode, so what. Let’s not talk about it.
Picture: If you’re a grouse, best stay out of Klamath.

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