Photography has been a principle pre-occupation of mine since 1998. I grew up in a photographic household—darkroom in the basement, various classic cameras strewn around the house, but it didn’t really take a hold of me until I lived on my own. A friend handed me an Argus C3 as she cleaned out her apartment and left town and suddenly I had a camera in hand for years. And I fell for Robert Frank heavily (I even stalked him one afternoon). When I moved back to Green Bay the closeness of the community made me too self-conscious to practice street photography. And then the demands of fatherhood and business ownership took over my photographic practice. The pursuit had been co-opted by practical needs (like cheese photos), and my “personal photography” was largely relegated travel. These days I’m still working out what to do with it. I feel like I’m reaching towards a type of image that I don’t understand yet. None of the the following are photos that I would have taken in, say, 2002.

Mangroves, 2013
Everglades 2011
Orchids, 2016
Fossilized Coral
Escarpment, 2016
Lincoln (two weeks prior), January 2017
Izamal, 2017




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